Individual bow thruster / stern thruster solution for easy retrofitting for motor and sailboats, houseboats, pontoons

       Compact and easy - fast to use - quiet - low priced!


Simply attach a compact bow thruster to the bow or stern,


Mount the engine, done!


    Individual complete solutions


Again this year in Leeuwarden NL and Friedrichshafen



Who has not had problems maneuvering in wind and current? If you e.g. traveling alone by boat, there is often stress, especially on arrival and departure. Drop off, in locks and tight boxes. Also, I often had dangerous situations on my tours. After damaging the boat once, I intensively thought about a solution.

However, a conventional bow thruster for several thousand euros was out of the question.

Then I had the idea for a compact bow thruster that can be easily and quickly attached to almost any boat using a specially designed device.

Also boats with bowsprit or anchor roller can be equipped with the device.

The device is also available as stern thruster for boats over 10 meters with twin engine




The removable device is mounted with a screw on the nose of the boat.

For boats with bowsprit or bow anchor roller a bracket as shown in the picture is included.

Then the radio-controlled 12 volt electric motor is placed on the device and brought into position. The control box houses the small battery and the receiver.

With the radio-controlled control unit, the bow is offset by hand transmitter as in a conventional bow thruster to the back or starboard. 

As an additional important feature, you can use the bow-jet compact as an auxiliary engine or flat slide, by simply turning the drive by 90 degrees.

The motor is simply pulled up after use and fixed for the next maneuver with a star screw or simply removed and stowed in the boat.

The device can and should remain attached to the bow to be quickly ready for use again. Since the compact bow thruster dips far forward at the bow, the beam effect is effective and direct even with small electric motor power.


Bow-beam compact is manufactured individually for your boat type and can be easily assembled and operated by one person. With a little practice, the device is ready to use in a few seconds.


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